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Election Fever in Indonesia, India

An estimated 139 million voters in Indonesia cast their ballots on Wednesday. As has been the case since 1999, when Indonesians turned out for the first post-Suharto democratic election, Indonesians have shown their eagerness to take part in deciding the course of their country, the third-largest democracy in the world. From Jakarta, Sandra Hamid blogs that while Jokowi's party took the lead, there's a steep road ahead. Also this week, election fever is at an all-time high in India as polling for the 16th general elections began. Mandakini Devasher Surie writes: "In sheer numbers, the election is the largest in the world, with 814 million people registered to vote." The parties have been using every tool and strategy to reach millions of young first-time voters. Read more.

Election Fever in Indonesia, India

Photo: Tim Mann


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