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Expert Profile

Rayden Llano

Rayden Llano

2010-2011 Luce Scholar

Placement: Center for Global Health Policy, University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

Rayden Llano received his B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University in 2010. Rayden spent much of his childhood in Miami, Florida negotiating his Cuban-American identity. His immigrant parents instilled in him the importance of education and working hard despite never having gone to college themselves. Motivated by his own family struggles with health issues and the desire to advocate on behalf of those unable to do so for themselves, he decided to major in human biology with an emphasis on health policy. Throughout his time at Stanford University he was fortunate to work on health policy, both at the national level as an intern at the Office of the Surgeon General and at the international level through health-related internships in France and Spain funded by Stanford and the National Institutes of Health. He believes that every human being has a basic right to full health, and intends to dedicate his life to working towards this goal.

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