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Ellen Laipson

Ellen Laipson

Former Trustee of The Asia Foundation

President and CEO, The Henry L. Stimson Center

Ellen Laipson left the Board of Trustees in 2015.

Ellen Laipson joined the Board of Trustees of The Asia Foundation in 2003. After 25 years of government service, she became the president and chief executive officer of the Henry L. Stimson Center in April of 2002. Previously she served as a special assistant to the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations (1995-1997), and director for Near East and South Asian Affairs, National Security Council (1993-1995). Laipson co-managed the interdisciplinary study Global Trends 2015 and directed outreach to think tanks and research organizations on a wide range of national security topics. Her earlier government career focused on analysis of and policymaking on Middle East and South Asia.

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