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Samneang Moul

Samneang Moul

Senior Program Officer for Gender, Cambodia

Tel: 855-23-210-431

Fax: 855-23-127-553


Expertise: Women's issues in Cambodia; women's political participation; violence against women; trafficking of women and children; women's economic and social issues; girls' education; and civil society and natural resource management

Moul Samneang has twenty years of experience in design, management and implementation of programs related to women's empowerment with a broad array of government and non-governmental actors. The programs include free-standing women's empowerment programs and integrated programs in which women's concerns and issues are central to the design and implementation. She has provided effective technical assistance to partner organizations, many of which focus on gender issues, to develop program strategies to promote Cambodian women's interests in the areas of women's political participation, governance, elections, basic rights and security, and media advocacy.

Samneang leads the Foundation's program on Violence Against Women in Cambodia, including the design of an integrated program of public awareness raising and advocacy through civil society partners.

She is an occasional keynote speaker, including an address on Poverty Alleviation of Women through Economic Empowerment organized by the Singapore Council of Women's organizations and Women's Confederation of Cambodian Organizations. She presented the Foundation's Review of a Decade of Research on trafficking in Person in Cambodia to participants in the International Symposium on Trafficking in Persons – sharing experiences in Asia, Europe, in Tokyo, Japan, as well as served on a panel to present the Cambodian current status of trafficking. She has authored a number of articles for the TAF blog and publication including: Cambodia's Women Local Leaders Take Charge, March 6, 2013 and Bountiful Rural Fisheries and Forest Threatened, Annual Report 2011.

Education: Samneang holds a Master's Degree in Development Management (MDM) from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

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