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Addressing the Critical Issues Facing Asia - 60 Years
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South Korea has undergone a dramatic transition in recent decades, developing into a powerhouse economy and robust democracy. Now, the country is poised to share the lessons of its own transformation from aid recipient to donor. Our office in Seoul works to strengthen the capacity of South Korean government agencies and NGOs, promotes international exchanges with North Korea, and facilitates regional cooperation in Northeast Asia. Read country overview. Korea Office's website.


Korea's role as a global development leader

Building on a successful collaboration between The Asia Foundation and Korea Development Institute (KDI), the Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation program in 2012 focused on "Pro-Poor Growth and Development Cooperation." The dialogue articulated how development cooperation agencies are rethinking their approaches in the face of widening income disparities, how employment can be expanded, how to evaluate the impact of projects focused on inclusive growth, and how civil society can contribute to the pro-poor agenda. In 2013, KDI and The Asia Foundation are jointly focusing on green growth by holding conferences in Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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