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Malaysia is pursuing comprehensive reforms in order to achieve high-income nation status in 2020. To help achieve this goal, we are strengthening the business environment, providing opportunities for women and girls, improving security in vulnerable regions, bolstering Malaysia's international development cooperation, enhancing the country's electoral integrity and public accountability, and engaging young Malaysians on current issues. Read country overview.


Last year's fiercely contested general elections shook Malaysia. Despite the rise in election-related violence cases, 2.6m new voters registered, an increase from 638,000 in 2012. Throngs of Malaysians turned out at public forums demanding transparency and electoral processes that are free, fair, and safe. While challenges remain, reform efforts put in place by the government and Election Commission to address the country's electoral integrity are positive signs. Last year, we continued an ongoing effort to foster a sound electoral process in an effort to instill citizen confidence, make voter education a regular feature of the electoral system, improve the integrity of campaigning and election-day implementation, and strengthen the skills and strategies of election observers.

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