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The Asia Foundation continues to build capacity of our local partners. Our efforts are focused on bridging the gap between citizens and their government; fostering human rights and social inclusion, especially for women; and building the capacity of Pakistani institutions to meet local and national development needs. Read country overview.


Expanding civil society's capacity to defend rights

This year the Foundation embarked upon a second phase of the Human Rights Fund to enhance civil society's capacity to promote human rights in three key areas: the rights of religious minorities; freedom from torture and other rights relating to prisoners; and economic rights of women and other marginalized groups. Our office in Islamabad is supporting seven civil society partners in all three objectives. Specific projects include legal and remedial support to tortured or vulnerable prisoners in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, two economic empowerment initiatives for women in Punjab, and an intensive sensitization program on minority rights in Balochistan and Sindh. Going forward, the Human Rights Fund will expand to increase the protection and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association, and thought, including religious freedoms, by setting up an early warning system and a network of rights defenders in 10 of the most vulnerable districts of the country.

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