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In 2010 The Asia Foundation re-established its office in Singapore, after a 23-year hiatus. Locally incorporated with a distinguished board of Singapore leaders and prominent American residents, The Asia Foundation Singapore serves as a regional hub for the Foundation's relations with developed Asia. The Asia Foundation Singapore also is a Third Country Partner of the Singapore Cooperation Programme. Under the terms of this partnership, training, education, and exchange programs that the Foundation conducts in Singapore are eligible for co-funding by the Singapore Foreign Ministry.

Over the last few years the Foundation has been implementing a range of projects with Singapore partners serving as resources and co-funders. The Foundation has sponsored two executive management training programs for Afghan officials at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. The Foundation also conducted workshops on economic reform and development and on accountable and transparent with various research centers at the Lee Kuan Yew School with participants from China, Vietnam, and Korea. With the Civil Service College the Foundation implemented a cutting-edge impact evaluation workshop for its own staff and also staff of the College and from the Korean Overseas International Cooperation Agency. As part of the Foundation's community-oriented policing program in Pakistan, provincial police officials received training in alternative dispute settlement at the Singapore Community Mediation Center.

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