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For nearly 60 years, The Asia Foundation has been dedicated to creating opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region and empowering its people. Each year, through the valued support of our donors, we are able to continue, and even expand, programs that address Asia's most pressing needs. In the past few years, The Asia Foundation has shipped nearly one million books annually to those who need them most, especially those in conflict zones and remote areas; launched a three-year program in Mongolia to engage citizens in protecting natural resources; and continued to tackle women's rights protection in Afghanistan with tribal and religious leaders.

The contributions of our individual donors are essential because they allow us to be more flexible and innovative in the programs we offer. We also know that you, the donor, are faced with a number of competing demands for your donation. Therefore we would like to provide you with as many giving options as possible. To this end, The Asia Foundation is pleased to present The Asia Foundation Legacy, a planned giving program that accepts bequests.

We understand that a planned gift is a private matter, signifying a donor's faith in an organization and its mission. For more than half a century, The Asia Foundation has gained knowledge in, fostered partnerships with, and earned the respect of the Asia-Pacific region. Every gift given to the Foundation enhances our commitment to the Asia-Pacific region. We hope that our work inspires the same commitment from you.

If you are considering a planned gift to The Asia Foundation, the information below may help you in your decision-making process. As in all legal matters, however, we strongly encourage you to seek the advice of your attorney in designing your bequest.


Giving to The Asia Foundation through your will or living trust is one of the simplest ways to make a planned gift. Making a bequest is straightforward and easily executed with your attorney. In addition, a bequest to the Foundation can save your estate a significant sum in taxes if the estate is subject to federal estate tax. You can name The Asia Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust in a number ways:

  • You can bequeath a specific dollar amount to the Foundation.
  • You can bequeath a specific asset to the Foundation.
  • You can bequeath a percentage or fraction of your estate through a residuary bequest. The Asia Foundation will receive the residual amount only after any specific gifts you have provided for have been satisfied.
  • You can make a contingent bequest, in which the Foundation receives its bequest only if a named individual, such as a spouse, does not survive you.

Gifts of unrestricted funds provide the Foundation the most flexibility to meet unexpected needs; however, you may designate your gift for a specific purpose if you wish. The following language options may be of use to your attorney:

    I give and bequeath to The Asia Foundation (Federal Tax ID #94-1191246) the sum of ____ dollars to be used for its general purposes.

    I give and bequeath to The Asia Foundation (Federal Tax ID #94-1191246) _[describe asset]_ to be used for its general purposes.

    I hereby give and bequeath to The Asia Foundation (Federal Tax ID #94-1191246) all (or ___ %) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to be used for its general purposes.

    I hereby give and bequeath (the sum of ___ dollars // describe asset) to ___ [name of individual]-___, if he or she survives me. If ___ [name of individual]___ does not survive me, I give and bequeath (the sum of ___ dollars // describe asset) to The Asia Foundation (Federal Tax ID #94-1191246) to be used for its general purposes.

Modify any of the above with the following insert: "…to be used for the following purpose: _______. If the Trustees of The Asia Foundation determine at any time that such purpose is obsolete, inappropriate, or impractical, the Trustees may use the income or principal of this bequest for those purposes that they deem appropriate and, in their judgment, consistent with my general charitable intent."

If you have a substantial IRA, consider leaving a portion of the IRA to the Foundation. IRAs not only are potentially subject to estate tax (like your other assets), but also are subject to income tax when distributed to your heirs (unlike most of your other assets). Because the Foundation is tax-exempt, leaving your IRA to the Foundation can avoid both the estate and income tax exposure. You (with the help of your advisor) can implement such a gift by naming the Foundation on your IRA Beneficiary Designation form.

The Asia Foundation is appreciative of all its donors and their donations; we especially realize that planned gifts are one of the most personal decisions an individual can make. However, for legal and policy reasons, the Foundation may not be able to accept every gift as specified. We therefore suggest that you or your attorney consult with the Foundation prior to formalizing your bequest.

For more information concerning our gift acceptance policies, please contact Amory Sharpe at

The Asia-Pacific region stands as an area of great promise, and great challenge. Be a partner in our efforts; let our legacy be your legacy as well.

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