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Episode 4: Suspected violence or torture by security personnel

The Asia Foundation has been privileged to cooperate with a combination or government, academic, civil society, and media partners to enhance the capacity of forensic professional in Thailand, strengthen the legal and regulatory environment for forensic investigation, and promote greater public awareness of forensic science and investigation. With the generous financial support of the U.S. Department of State Bureau for Democracy, Rights, and Labor (DRL), the Foundation has worked with technical partner Tomato Agency to produce a series of five short animated cartoons that aim to educate young people and a broader lay audience on different aspects of forensic science and investigation and to promote further cooperation and exchange of experience among different stakeholders. Episode 4: Suspected violence or torture by security personnel in arresting, interrogating, or detaining suspects (Torture) will examine how forensic science technology and procedures are applied to investigate suspected cases of torture or other violence committed by security personnel in the course of arresting, questioning, or detaining suspects, including DNA analysis, and other methods.


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