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America's Role in Asia

Every four years, America's Role in Asia brings together a distinguished group of Asian and American policy experts, current and former diplomats, and scholars to develop recommendations for U.S. policy toward Asia. The program reflects The Asia Foundation's view that if workable solutions to common problems are to be found, perspectives from both sides of the Pacific must be heard and shared.

America's Role in Asia examines critical bilateral and trans-national issues in U.S.-Asia relations through a series of candid, high-level workshops in Asia and the U.S. These discussions culminate in a published volume, America's Role in Asia: Asian and American Views, written by the participants. The goal is to provide policymakers with concrete recommendations on how to address challenges and opportunities in Asia–from stability on the Korean peninsula, conflict in Afghanistan, and the global war on terror; to energy security, environmental degradation and Asia's political and economic architecture, trade, and investment. The release of the recommendations coincides with the upcoming U.S. presidential and congressional elections and will provide unique perspective for forthcoming U.S. policy towards Asia.

Asian and American working groups convened during the first half of 2008. The Asian task force involved three groups of senior policy specialists led by Ambassador Han Sung-Joo, Chairman of the Asan Institute in Seoul, and former Foreign Minister of South Korea; Ambassador Tommy Koh, Chairman of the Institute of Policy Studies and Ambassador- at-Large in Singapore; and Dr. C. Raja Mohan, Professor at Nanyang Technological University, and author of Impossible Allies: Nuclear India, the United States, and Global Order. The American task force was chaired by two of America's most-distinguished former diplomats, Ambassador Michael Armacost, Shorenstein Senior Fellow at the Asia Pacific Center at Stanford University, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Asia Foundation, former Undersecretary of State, and former US Ambassador to Japan and the Philippines; and Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, Vice Chairman of Kissinger International Associates, former US Assistant Secretary of State, former US Ambassador to Indonesia, China and Singapore.



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