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Books for Asia in Indonesia

The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program has donated more than 2.3 million books and journals to Indonesian universities, schools, public libraries, government agencies, and civil society organizations since 1955.

Status of Education in Indonesia

Indonesia (population: 237.5 million) has high literacy rates, although women's literacy trails behind men's at 87% versus 95%. Until recently, Indonesian national investment in education has been among the lowest in the region, and the country consistently performs lower than its neighbors on most assessments of education quality and student performance. Although crucial to strengthening and developing the human capital of Indonesia, libraries are underfunded. While English language is a compulsory subject for Indonesian students, English language materials are prohibitively expensive for most libraries.

Current Focus

Books for Asia provides more than 20,000 new books each year to 12 provinces spread across four of Indonesia's largest islands – Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan. In the last decade, Books for Asia has focused on sending urgently-needed books to junior secondary students, college students pursing degrees at state Islamic higher education institutions, judges, legislators, and legislative drafters at key justice sector institutions such as the Supreme Court and Attorney General's Office.

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Aryasatyani Sintadewi
Books for Asia Officer

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