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Economic Governance Index

The Asia Foundation's Economic Governance Indexes (EGI) rank localities (provinces, states, districts) on factors that impact private sector development. EGIs allow local governments, communities, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations to see how localities compare in terms of economic governance, where they can improve, and issues that can be addressed through reform and advocacy. EGIs are constructed from surveys of local business and data from published sources, to demonstrate a clear link between good economic governance and the quality of the local business climate. Read an overview of our work in this area.

Malaysia Business Environment Index 2012

On May 8, The Asia Foundation released findings from its first Malaysia Business Environment Index, the only diagnostic tool designed to measure business-friendliness of local governments in the country. Explore rankings on the interactive data visualization site:

The above graphic displays the overall district scores of the Business Environment Index (BEI). For a more comprehensive analysis of the data, visit "Business Environment Index: Malaysia," our interactive data visualization project.

Local Economic Governance Book

The Asia Foundation has released the new book, Innovations in Strengthening Local Economic Governance in Asia. Download the book now. The book summarizes The Asia Foundation's experience designing and implementing programs aimed at strengthening economic governance in Asia. Read an excerpt by V. Bruce J. Tolentino, the Foundation's former Chief Economist and Director of of Economic Reform and Development Programs.

The Asia Foundation releases a pioneering survey ranking the business-friendliness in 19 districts in Bangladesh. 3,800 firms – many of them micro, small, and medium-sized businesses – were polled on their perceptions of the local business environment, such as entry costs, transparency, informal charges, tax administration, and land security. Read the press release about the survey or download the summary report.

To date, The Asia Foundation has developed EGIs in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Indonesia. EGIs are composite indexes, based on a 100-point scale, that score the economic governance of each locality. They are composed of ten sub-indices that capture the unique elements of the local business environment — such as entry costs, transparency of information, informal charges, and dispute resolution — that can be directly influenced by local laws and officials.

The indicators used to create the sub-indices focus exclusively on factors that are directly under the control of local government, independent of natural or structural economic endowments such as natural resources, infrastructure, and human capital.

EGIs are an important tool for The Asia Foundation to provide relevant economic governance information to policy makers, business leaders, and citizens. Such information creates demand for an improved business environment among the private sector, while providing local and national leaders with information about best local practices as they seek to improve economic policies.

In order to expand research and analysis in the areas of good governance, growth, and development of the private sector, The Asia Foundation is making its raw data from the surveys available to the public, along with questionnaires, user guides, and codebooks.

All firm-level data generated by The Asia Foundation, its funders and partners is under the preview of human subjects' protections. Personal information about respondents is not available and will not be released. Please acknowledge The Asia Foundation, its funders and partners, as well as the Principal Investigator in all papers and analyses that utilize the data.

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