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The Asia Foundation's Environment programs support Asian initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the environment and natural resources critical to Asia's development and future well-being. The Asia Foundation works with a broad range of local stakeholders including civil society, government, and the private sector. We initiate high-impact programs to strengthen the institutions and processes through which environmental resources are managed, and to improve environmental policy. Read Program Overview.

Environment Programs

Now more than ever, Asia's urban and rural communities, governments, businesses, and broader civil society are voicing their concerns regarding the effects of degraded ecological systems and the negative impacts of climate change. In response, the Foundation is building on its experience of over two-decades of in-country environmental initiatives, and expanding the scope and scale of its environmental programming. It recognizes that improved governance of Asia's natural resources and response to climate change is one of the key elements in achieving successful, sustainable development.

The Foundation's Environment programs address and prioritize critical issues that benefit from a coordinated understanding of the broad political, social, and economic dynamics of environmental governance reform. This is coupled with a grounded understanding of the unique local context of the countries where we work. Environment program priorities include:

Areas where the Foundation is having an impact in Asia include: programs on responsible mining and natural resource management in Mongolia; increasing public participation and transparency in environmental decision-making in China; and preparing for natural disasters and climate change in the Pacific Islands, among others. For further information on the Foundation's Environment programs, please see our Environment programs overview.

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