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The Asia Foundation’s Governance programs support local initiatives aimed at strengthening the effectiveness and responsiveness of governance in Asian countries. Read Program Overview.

Theories of Change in Practice

Development experts across Foundation country offices are working alongside researchers from London School of Economics' Justice and Security Research Program (JSRP). Using the Theory of Change (ToC) approach to international development practice, the research collaboration integrates social science research findings into specific, tangible interventions for development practitioners. JSRP researchers have so far been hosted by Foundation country offices in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Cambodia, and Pakistan. Learn more about the research collaboration and working papers. Read a news release on the recent conference in London.


Over the past few decades under increasing pressures of globalization, Asian countries have faced extraordinary economic, social, and political challenges. A growing body of literature suggests that the single most important factor in the relative success of different countries in overcoming the challenges and improving development trajectories has been the quality of governance. The Asia Foundation defines governance as the institutions and processes through which the economy and society are regulated, public resources are allocated, and government decisions are enforced. In the coming decades, continued growth and stability will increasingly depend on steady improvements in all of these areas.

Projects and activities under the Foundation's Governance Programs are pursued within a wide range of areas, including: conflict management, counter‑corruption, decentralization and local governance, development of central executive institutions of government, legislative development, civil society development, media development, information and communication technology, and Islam and development.

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