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Please note: Years listed represent the fiscal year in which the project took place. Projects from a completed fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) are added the following fiscal year.

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The U.S.-ROK Alliance and East Asia
The Center's activities will seek to provide a supporting context for strengthening the U.S.-ROK alliance amid potential changes in the regional security environment stemming from China's rise.

  • U.S.-ROK Workshop on China
  • U.S.-ROK-Japan Dialogue
  • Regional Views of China


Global Korea
The Center will examine new opportunities for alliance cooperation on off-peninsula security issues in line with South Korea's enhanced capabilities, expanded scope of interests, and efforts to raise its international profile.

  • Maritime Security
  • Post-Conflict Stabilization
  • Disaster Relief
  • International Peacekeeping

Functional Issues

The Center will consider specific functional areas of cooperation in the context of an expanded alliance.

  • Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation
  • International Development Assistance
  • Climate Change and Green Growth

U.S.-ROK Coordination on North Korea

The Center will analyze aspects of DPRK policy as part of its analysis of U.S.-ROK coordination on North Korea.

  • North Korea and Marginal States
  • Engaging Adversarial States
  • Chinese Policy toward the Korean Peninsula


South Koreak Domestic Politics and the U.S.-ROK Alliance
The Center will continue its study of ROK constituencies that shape domestic attitudes toward the alliance.

The Asia Foundation-Stanford APARC Fellowship

National Economic and Development Authority support for the Director of National Planning, to spend an academic year at Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center researching the political economy of economic reform in selected Asian countries; Funding for an additional two months in The Asia Foundation's Korea office to focus on economic reform efforts in Korea and Korea's overseas development assistance efforts.


Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC)

Convening an ongoing series of dialogues, jointly organized by the Korea Development Institute (KDI), that bring together leading experts and practitioners from China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as partner countries and “traditional” donors, to share and contribute their perspectives on development cooperation. This year’s dialogues focused on the theme of pro-poor, inclusive growth.

Local Partner:

Korea Development Institute (KDI)

Total Expenditures: $179,568

Funding Sources:
Korea Development Institute (KDI)

Books For Asia

Acquisition and distribution of 11,455 books and journals to major universities in North Korea.

Total Expenditures: $4,675

Funding Sources:
Congressional appropriation

Enhancing Economic Opportunities for North Korean Female Refugees in South Korea

Providing administrative assistance to the Coalition for North Korean Women’s Rights on vocational, entrepreneurial, and leadership training for North Korean female refugees in South Korea.

Local Partner:

Coalition for North Korean Women’s Rights

Total Expenditures: $449

Funding Sources:
United States Embassy, in Korea

Friends of The Asia Foundation Annual Reception

Promoting The Asia Foundation and its work by hosting an Annual Reception for associates in government, academia, research institutes, NGOs, and partner organizations. This year’s reception also served as a formal introduction of The Asia Foundation’s newly appointed Country Representative for Korea.

Total Expenditures: $13,745

Funding Sources:
Friends of The Asia Foundation, Korea

Globalizing the U.S.-ROK Alliance

Extending the U.S.-Korea alliance by increasing aid effectiveness in the context of the U.S.-Korea strategic partnership. Organizing a platform for dialogue with the Center for U.S.-Korea Policy on strategies for effective overseas development assistance (ODA). Analyzing new opportunities for U.S.-Korea cooperation on off-peninsula security issues by commissioning research papers and convening discussions among security experts from the two countries.

Total Expenditures: $66,236

Funding Sources: Expenditures:
Korea Foundation$57,674
Friends of The Asia Foundation, Korea$8,562

International Development Cooperation Capacity Building Program

Enhancing Korea’s development cooperation in Asia through the continuation of a program that has worked since 2008 to strengthen the human capacity of Korea’s public and private development assistance programs. Facilitating knowledge-sharing on Korea’s development experience through study tours and two- to three-month fellowships in Korea for government officials, researchers, and NGO staff from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste. Providing on-the-ground opportunities for Korean development practitioners and advanced students to learn about natural resource dependence challenges in developing countries, as well as to gain hands-on work experience through a three-month fellowship at The Asia Foundation’s Local Economic Governance program in Sri Lanka. Organizing an international conference in Korea to promote mutual learning among Asian development actors regarding pro-poor, inclusive growth efforts.

Local Partner:

Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management (KDI School)

Total Expenditures: $298,590

Funding Sources:
Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management (KDI School)

Nieman Journalism Fellowship

Contributing to the advancement of journalism standards and individual expertise in Korea by providing an accomplished and promising Korean journalist with a one-year fellowship to the Harvard Nieman Journalism Fellowship Program, where the fellow can pursue independent research as well as take part in integrated classwork.

Total Expenditures: $31,812

Funding Sources: Expenditures:
YBM, Inc.$18,557
The Sungkok Journalism Foundation$13,255

North Korean Participation in Regional Security Meetings

Supporting peace and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific by providing opportunities for officials from the DPRK Institute of Disarmament and Peace to participate in a regional meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, to engage in dialogue on key security issues and concerns.

Total Expenditures: $7,309

Funding Sources:
The Henry Luce Foundation
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