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Please note: Years listed represent the fiscal year in which the project took place. Projects from a completed fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) are added the following fiscal year.

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Projects : Thailand

Thailand FY2012 Donors:

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat (APEC Secretariat); Department for International Development, U.K.; European Commission; The Rockefeller Foundation; Royal Netherlands Embassy, in Thailand; United States Agency for International Development, via Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI); United States Department of State; The World Bank

Thailand FY2012 Expenditures: $1,840,898

Include: and:

Additional Programs

TCMD consultative meeting; Southern project briefing; Speaker and facilities fees for Muslim Belief meeting; Consultant services for Muslim civic education.


Access 4 Asia

Supporting a pilot project to enhance the ability of teachers to effectively utilize tablets supplied under the Government's "one tablet per child" policy and thereby improve the classroom curriculum, and to provide suitable applications to educate children in the English language and Climate Change.

Local Partners:

Books for Thailand Foundation; British Council; Change Fusion


Access to Trade and Growth of Women's SMEs in APEC Developing Economies: Evaluating Business Environments in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia

Conducting a survey in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia to increase the understanding of constraints to women's entrepreneurship and access to trade in APEC developing economies. Developing policy recommendations for consideration by women business associations and by APEC and its member economies to build awareness of, and interest for, the role of women and the need to create women-friendly business environments.

Total Expenditures: $206,761

Funding Sources: Expenditures:
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat (APEC Secretariat)$145,664
Congressional appropriation$61,097

Aid to Subnational Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas: Balancing Development, Governance, and Security

Conducting multi-country comparative research on aid to subnational and post conflict areas with strategic recommendations for governments and donors to provide more relevant, balanced, and effective assistance within subnational conflict areas.

Local Partners:



Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC)

Strengthening Thailand's international development assistance policy and South-South collaboration through a comparative study of Thai and Japanese aid to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam and public forums to disseminate the research findings and recommendations.

Local Partners:

Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA); Thammasat University Faculty of Political Science


Building Forensic Capacity to Promote Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Thailand

Enhancing the capacity of law enforcement officials to prosecute human rights violators and other criminal offenders through the application of forensic investigative techniques. Reducing ambiguity and gaps in laws, regulations, and procedures governing forensic evidence and increasing public awareness of the role of forensic investigation in human rights and criminal justice cases.

Local Partners:

Department of Regional Labor Litigation 9; Institute for Jurists and Human Rights Development; Thai Press Development Foundation; Ministry of Justice, Central Institute of Forensic Science


Community Confidence and Trust-Building

Empowering and raising the confidence of local religious and secular leaders to serve as two-way communication conduits for their communities.


Congressional Fellowship Program in the United States

Promoting enhanced Thai-U.S. relations by supporting a mid-career officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Thailand) to complete a Congressional Fellowship program in Washington, DC.

Local Partner:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


DFID Partnership Program Agreement: Conflict and Security Programs

Regional partnership with the Department for International Development, U.K. (DFID), including seven countries (Pakistan, Myanmar/Burma, Nepal, Timor-Leste, Thailand, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka), that is working to improve state-society relations in conflict-affected areas throughout the region. Helping to reduce mistrust and alienation between conflict-affected communities and state authorities. Strengthening and expanding locally driven efforts to improve governance and resolve disputes. Contributing to improved understanding of aid effectiveness in conflict-affected and fragile states.


Evaluating Business Environments to Foster Access to Trade and Growth of Women's SMEs in Southeast Asian APEC Developing Economies

Increasing knowledge of the factors that encourage or deter access to trade and growth of women-run/owned SMEs in APEC economies through research and the development of policy recommendations for APEC and its member economies.

Local Partners:

Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute; University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce; Thai Chamber of Commerce


Improving Aid to Subnational Conflict Areas

Conducting a multi-country study of development assistance to subnational conflict areas in Southeast Asia (Aceh, southern Thailand, Mindanao) as part of a regional program to build understanding of the causes, dynamics, and consequences of subnational conflicts. Providing recommendations for donors and host governments to improve the effectiveness of development and governance approaches for conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and recovery in subnational conflict areas. Strengthening the awareness of key officials, policymakers, and civil society throughout the region.

Total Expenditures: $736,000

Funding Sources:
The World Bank

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fellows Program, Thailand

Support for a mid-career diplomatic officer in the Ministry's Department of East Asian Affairs to participate in the twelve-month American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship Program, including a six-month assignment to the office of a Congressman. 


Public Participation and White Paper Development in Support of Constitutional Reform

Facilitating public participation and technical inputs in and independent scrutiny of the political process and formal procedures followed for amendment of the Thai Constitution, with a particular focus on the rights of the poor, women, and other marginalized groups

Local Partners:

King Prajadhipok's Institute; Mahidol University, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies; Teeranat Kanjanauksorn Foundation, Gender and Development Research Institute

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