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Please note: Years listed represent the fiscal year in which the project took place. Projects from a completed fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) are added the following fiscal year.

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Afghan Community Rehabilitation Unit (ACRU)

Skills and needs assessment to determine training needs of Independent Election Commission (IEC) staff. This assessment informed the implementation of capacity-building activities.

Awaz Production

Production of seven video quiz shows related to increasing citizens’ awareness about political processes. The shows were recorded in seven different regions across Afghanistan and were telecast nationally on the national Television of Afghanistan.

Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS)

Analytical write-up on “Contemporary Challenges to Human Security in Afghanistan” using data from the Foundation’s 2006 public opinion poll, Afghanistan in 2006, A Survey of Afghan People.  Developed as part of a companion set of analytical papers on the survey for publication in December 2006; Participation in negotiating a National Peace and Unity Forum.

Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA)

Participation in three modules of Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) training by 52 master trainers representing FEFA in all provinces, with staff of the Independent Election Commission; Participation by FEFA core staff in management skills trainings conducted by BRAC; Participation by member organizations of the FEFA network in financial training; Core FEFA staff continued English-language courses.

Ghazi Mohammad Jan Khan Scientific Association (GMJKSA)

Awareness-raising through banners, posters, and poetry on the National Assembly and provincial councils was included as part of the annual Apple Flower Festival in Wardak province. This one-day event gathered more than 2,000 community participants from civil society groups, government, and academia.

Health and Development Center for Afghan Women (HDCAW)

Production of five editions of the interactive comic magazine, Roshani, targeting young high school students on information related to government structures, the constitution, and the National Assembly. Each edition of the magazine was printed in 7,000 copies and distributed in eight provinces.

Just for Afghan Capacity and Knowledge (JACK)

Production of eight television dramas to inform citizens about political rights of citizens, the new parliament, and role of provincial councils. These video dramas were broadcast in both Badakhshan province and Takhar province television stations; the audio version of these dramas was aired on local radio stations.

Sanayee Development Foundation

Production of two educational posters, a booklet, and brochure on governance and rule of law for the members of the Community Development Councils in four provinces.

Study Tours

Two study tours facilitated for Independent Election Commission (IEC) commissioners, the chief electoral officer, and heads of departments to India and Australia to exchange with the respective election commissions. Through the tour, IEC gained fruitful experiences regarding elections in more developed democracies and exchanged with them the situation prevailing during elections in Afghanistan.


Australia-Indonesia Elections Support Program

Improving the quality of local and national elections in Indonesia. Managing an extensive portfolio of grants to civil society organizations, universities, and research institutions, and facilitating local and international technical assistance to these partners. Programs focus on supporting voters to make better-informed voting decisions and improving the quality of election observation and reporting by accredited observers and the media.

Local Partners:

Aceh Institute, NGO Coalition for Human Rights (Aceh); Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI); Women’s Solidarity (Solidaritas Perempuan); Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem); Center for Political Studies (Puskapol) at the University of Indonesia; Indonesia Corruption Watch; National Law Reform Consortium (KRHN), Dunamis; Indonesian Community for Democracy (KID); NGO Forum for Information and Communication (Fikornop, South Sulawesi)

Total Expenditures: $899,009

Funding Sources:
Australian Aid

Creating a Robust and Transparent Electoral Process in Malaysia

Continuing longstanding efforts to support Malaysian democratization and governance. Strengthening the country's electoral process by improving the quality and transparency of the electoral roll; increasing voters' access to information on registration and polling processes; improving the efficiency and integrity of campaigning and election day operations; and increasing the credibility of absentee voting procedures.

Local Partners:

Centre for Independent Journalism; Merdeka Center for Opinion Research; National Institute for Democracy and Electoral Integrity

Total Expenditures: $145,281

Funding Sources:
United States Department of State

Disability-Inclusive Elections

Increasing participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the 2013 Philippine midterm elections and other democratic processes by heightening voter awareness, promoting partnerships to enhance support and awareness of PWD participatory needs, and strengthening the capabilities of disabled people’s organizations and NGOs supporting PWD advocacies.

Local Partners:

Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines, Inc.; Foundation for Communication Initiatives; LINK Center for the Deaf; Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting; Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations, Inc.; Vera Files Inc.; VSO Bahaginan Foundation

Total Expenditures: $619,916

Funding Sources:
Australian Aid
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